Channel One Uhf repeater

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Stream Is : Online

Caution : The sounds you may here though this link is live from the public CB Repeater
And Pool Renovations Darwin is not responsible for what is transmitted .






IP Link

Download This file is for adding to your music play list ( Live Stream Listen only )

Download Team Speak 3 Client Program & install.... (Andriod/Apple) will cost money PC is Free



Step 1 - Scroll though the licence agreement & accept the terms

Step 2 - Chose any of the options - Anyone/Just for me Click Next 3 Times then the install button

Step 3 - Finish & run program / Run though the Privacy statement & Accept

Step 4 - Close Popup window about tips and sync

Step 5 - The second popup is not needed (about logging in) click button ( Continue Without Logging In )

Step 6 - Enter you nickname ( NO BAD WORDS ) you will need to do this again later

Step 7 - Press connect at the top left drop down menu

Step 8 - Enter ( ) this in the server name & enter you nick name again (no bad words) press connect.

Step 9 - You will be in the entrance

step 10 - Go to tools in the tab / options / capture = enable push to to talk

Step 11 - Press the button (no hot key) and choose a button on the keyboard TIP : Use left Ctrl button

Step 12 - Now enter the room by Double Clicking on the room called Darwin UHF Ch1 Repeater

Step 13 - Press the left ctrl key & Speak . - if you have troubles from this point truble shoot your audio settings & Mic

Tower Construction


Tower Damage

Tower Modifications
Any updates that you need to know

Here we can tell you any information you may need to know about the channel one repeater
For upcoming upgrades and changes or just projects we are working on.  



Project 1 - Vhf Amature Repeater in testing mode (offline)

Notes : This repeater is only to be used by licenced amature radio oprators only, and must hold a call sign being that of a foundation/standard/advanced


project 2 - A DTMF controler module to activate 8 Relay's for remote Control and on/off devices

Notes : - (On Hold)


Project 3 - An IP link to 27Mhz Cb Channel 35 lower side band (cancelled)

Notes : To much interference from radio to tx circuits.


Update 1 - Tee Section now installed with antennas (competed)

Update 2 - Repair to main repeater recever antenna (competed)

Update 3 - Repair to becon tower light (competed)

Video Tests & Blogs

Just for fun Lets just Record some Video's



Portable WagitBeach



map of repeaters/

Skycam - Weather Camera Taken Every 2 Min

Current Skycam Image